What's New

ProChart HTML5: Professional level charting and analytics on the move - anytime, anywhere; desktop, tablet and phone.

ProChart Java and .Net: New release; added draw tool features, improved performance, axis labeling improvements, study enhancements, improved alerts interface, bug fixes, and more to come... much more.

ProChart Pattern Recognition New harmonic patterns, including Fibonacci patterns soon to be released. New point and figure patterns.

ProChart Strategy Dev and Test New release in testing; improved UI, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

Charting Solutions
The ultimate charting solution for every user, from web designer to Java developer. From our award winning AlaCarte applet collections to our complete charting development API, the Enterprise Edition, we have a cost effective solution for your charting requirements.

Visual Trading Solutions
You'll find VE's Visual Trading Solutions where you find the most demanding traders, uncompromising performance and bullet-proof reliability. VE specializes in trading tools and components that require advanced data visualization, analysis and interactivity.

Visual:ProChart's suite of trading tools and components are designed for integration with multi-asset trading platforms used by the financial services market. These OEM products include technical charting, pattern recognition, and strategy development, backtest and algo-trading.

Dashboard Solutions
VisualAcuity dashboards really do look different and it's no accident. Discover how and why Visual:Acuity dashboards provide the visibility and insight decision makers want and why other solutions can't measure up.